OutRight (Film)

Levels of pollution in the atmosphere in inner London are far too high. This has an impact on our quality of life. In our school many children suffer from asthma as a result of poor air quality. The main cause of poor air quality in our local area is down to too much traffic thundering down our roads. The massive lorries let out dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere.

As part of the Unicef Outright project we have been campaigning to improve the quality of air - not just in London, but all over the world. 

This year, our Rights Respecting Ambassador’s took part in the Unicef OutRight Campaign to make their views heard about air pollution. They teamed up with the British Lung Foundation to hold a Big Breakfast and raise money and awareness of the negative effects of polluting the air.

As well as writing letters to the London Mayor, local MP and the Environment Secretary, the children led workshops with adults at the Velodrome, Stratford to teach them about air pollution. This film highlights the issue of air quality in the area around our school.