Newsletters and Letters


 Each week we produce a weekly newsletter for parents.  You can access all of this year's newsletters below.


January 2019 Week 14 newsletter 

January 2019 Week 15 Newsletter

January 2019 Week 16 Newsletter

January 2019 Week 17 Newsletter 

January 2019 Week 18 Newsletter

February 2019 Week 19 Newsletter

February 2019 Week 20 Newsletter

Holiday Homework - Week 20

March 2019 Week 21 Newsletter

March 2019 Week 22 Newsletter

March 2019 Week 23 Newsletter

March 2019 Week 24 Newsletter

Easter Bonnet Instructions

April Week 25 Newsletter

April Week 26 Newsletter

May Week 27 Newsletter

May Week 28 Newsletter

May Newsletter Week 29

RRS Summer Newsletter 1

June Newsletter Week 30

June Newsletter Week 31

June Newsletter Week 32 

Newsletter Week 33

Newsletter Week 35

Newsletter Week 36

Newsletter Week 37


Here are most of the general letters we send out to parents informing them about trips, events and important information.

Year 5 & Year 6 Permission to Walk Home Alone

General Attendance Letter

New punctuality Protocol - After Spring Half term

UNICEF Pollution Campaign

Summer Term - Clubs

Parent Workshops - Summer Term

School Free School Meal Check

 Year 2 Trip to Transport Museum

Year 6 SATs Letter

Reception Planting and Growing Parents Workshop

Year 6 End of SATs Celebration

Bangabandhu's Got Talent after school performance

Yellow Room Author Visit

Year 6 Brick Lane Trip

Year 5 Bank of England Trip

Year 4 Science Experiment Permission

Nursery Trip to Stepney City Farm

Early Year permission to use Mendh

Y3 Red Trip to Rich Mix Cinema

Y1 Red trip to Albert Embankment

Year 5 Trip to Epping Forest

Reception Trip to Stepney Green Farm

Year 4 End of Year Trip

Soccer Aid

Year 3 End of Year Trip

Y1 Blue Trip to Embankment

Early Years end of Year trip - Margate

Free to Be Parents Questionnaire - Letter

Free To be Questionnaire - PARENTS/CARERS

Year 6 Sex education letter

Year 6 Transition Day

Next academic Year School Journey Meeting

Next academic Year School Journey details

Year 2 End of Year Trip

Year 1 End of Year Trip

Early Years music Performance

Sports Day 2019

RRS Gold Award Treat

Year 5 End of Year Trip




These are our regular updates about all the learning that has been happening across the school.  Have a look, there is a lot going on!

Learning Post January Issue 1

Learning Post March Issue 2

Learning Post July Issue 3


Nursery - Summer 2019

Reception - Summer 2019

Year One - Summer 2019

Year Two - Summer 2019

Year Three - Summer 2019

Year Four - Summer 2019

Year Five - Summer 2019

Year Six - Summer 2019



Have a look of our latest Rights Respecting Newsletter, written by our Rights Respecting Journalists.

Rights Respecting Newsletter Spring 2019 Issue 1

Rights Respecting Newsletter Summer 2019 Issue 2

Rights Respecting Newsletter Summer 2019 Issue 3