Team Bangabandhu

Working to make our school the best it can be!

At Bangabandhu our children take charge of our school.  It is their school; they are proud of it and they work hard to ensure it is a great place for everyone to be.  They have many roles and responsibilities and here are some of them. 

Each year a variety of roles and responsibilities are advertised.  They children do written applications, making sure they read the job description and meet the selection criteria.  They are shortlisted, go through a robust interview process and if they are successful, they get the job.  Once appointed they meet their line manager, receive some training and then they start their jobs; just like the real world of work.  They definitely earn their jobs and this is excellent preparation for the future.

What a team!

Rights Respecting Ambassadors 2019-20 (Infants)


Rights Respecting Ambassadors 2019-20 (Juniors)  


Playground Ambassadors 2019-20


School Gardeners 2019-20


Personal Assistants to the Head of School 2019-20


Lunchtime Leaders 2019-20


Personal Assistant to Learning Mentor 2019-20


Attendance Advocates 2019-20


Assembly Ushers 2019-20


School Guides 2019-20


Eco Activists 2019-20


Learning Detectives 2019-20


School Photographer 2019-20


Personal Assistants to the Executive Headteacher 2019-20


Computer Monitors 2019-20


Breakfast Club Assistant 2019-20


School Librarians 2019-20


Equipment Support 2019-20 (Infants)


Personal Assistant to the Assistant Head of Inclusion 2019-20


Personal Assistants to the Assistant Head for Equalities 2019-20